Sunday, June 12, 2011

who is selling the real ??

Recently i'm looking for some slimming products, found a product name Leptin Green Coffee in Malaysia market, it was hot before but never bother it cox know there are fake product in market as well. While in my survey, i found some funny things & who is actually selling the real one??

here you go the story, at first i found this website:, under the topic "What is fake?" there list out those were selling fake, as statement in picture below

then i'm try to check out those in the list, & let see what i found in this website: claimed there are sellling the real, but the above website is selling the fake in market..

OMG????!!! who are we going to trust??


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Licowhite Lip Gloss Stick with Vit C SPF 15

Licowhite Lip Gloss Stick with Vit C SPF 15

A fruity ORANGE flavored lightening lip gloss in a twist tube format. With LICORICE that helps lighten dark lips.
It has Vitamin C which gives an added lightening benefit to help improve discoloration.
The SPF 15 helps prevent UV penetration, thus giving the natural component of licorice more time to work its wonders.

Price: $5.50

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Lighten your lips- Godiva LicoWhite™ Lip Gloss

LicoWhite™ Lip Gloss

Ideal for those who want to lighten their lips. Contains Licorice Extract, a safe and effective natural ingredient, to lighten dark lips. Small enough to pack in your bag, jacket or even your pocket. Also moisturizes dry, parched lips for that perfect pout.

DIRECTIONS: Smooth on lips with fingertips. Apply as needed to lighten and moisturize lips.

Ingredients: Licorice Extract in petrolatum base

Price: $5.50

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Mentholatum Maxilip


Mentholatum Maxilip is out now in stores which helps your lips stop aging by reducing fine lines and locking in moisture

Now, you can get RM3 off your Maxilip at Watson’s. Simply print out the discount voucher.

Terms & Condition Apply.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010







Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bad Breath= Halitosis

Millions of people throughout the world suffer from bad breath. Bad breath is responsible for the embarrassment and destroys relationships with family and friends. It may flatten your confidence and self esteem and may even cause severe depression.

Bad Breath Cause:
Bad breath is due to anaerobic bacteria that live within the surface of the tongue and throat, that produce smelly sulfur compounds when they come in contact with proteins which cause bad breath. Bad breath may be due to a number of reasons:

1. Bad dental hygiene
2. Gum disease
3. Tooth decay
4. Plaque on the tongue can cause bad breath where bacteria can grow.
5. If you do not clean your mouth after consuming alcoholic drinks, tobacco chewing, cigarette smoking, and foods like onions, garlic, etc., it can contribute to bad breadth.
6. Dentures
7. Bacteria in mouth
8. Heavy metal accumulation
9. Some disease like diabetes, gingivitis, esophageal cancer, lung abscess, liver disease, etc.)
10. Excessive use of alcohol based mouthwash like Listerine. If you use such a mouth wash before sleeping, then your mouth will remian dry for tghe whole night, which can cause bad breath.
11. Throat infection
12. Smoking
13. A deficiency of vitamin B and/or zinc may be the cause of your bad breath.
14. Drugs (Paraldehyde, inhaled anesthetics, insulin injection, etc.)

Bad Breath Cure : Home Remedy
1. Brush your teeth in the morning, in the evening, and after every meal, specially after consuming milk products, fish and meat.
2. Brush your tongue along with your teeth regularly.
3. Wash the tongue with baking soda dissolved in warm water to reduce the acidity in your mouth making a less-friendly environment for the bacteria to grow.
4. Brushing and flossingteeth regularly can rid off bad breath.
5. Clean and replace your toothbrush regularly.
6. Avoid mouthwashes with dyes and alcohol. Mouthwash containing cetylpyridinium chloride, chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite or zinc may serve as an antibacterial agent, that can control the number of anaerobic bacteria in mouth.
7. Parsley, coriander, basil, rosemary, thyme, wintergreen, cardamom seeds, cinnamon bark, clove, fennel or anise seeds are great breath fresheners. Slowly chew any of these herbs and allow the saliva to build up in your mouth.
8. A study (Feb 2005) reported to the International Association for Dental research suggests that eating plain yogurt for 6 weeks can sweeten your breath because it reduces levels of offensive compounds produced by bacteria in the mouth by 80%.
9. Rinse your mouth before sleeping with a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon added.
10. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
11. Talk to your periodontist about gum and teeth problems that might be the cause of bad breath.
12. If you keep teeth, tongue, and mouth clean, you will not suffer from the problem of bad breath. You should take all care in cleaning your teeth by using proper tooth brush and adopting correct brushing technique. Follow the good oral hygiene rules. Please read all the information given in the related links given above.

Bad Breath Worst Home Remedies
The American Academy of Periodontology has identified following most ineffective home remedies for bad breath. These remedies can be only temporary fixes of the problem, they do not remove the root cause of the problem. You should not try these remedies.

1. Excessive use of alcohol based mouthwash.
2. Chewing gum and chewing tobacco.
3. Vodka martinis or sour mash whiskey: These will dry your mouth.
4. Brushing with household cleanser: They contain poisonous chemicals.
5. Rinsing with kerosene.
6. Tongue piercing: Increases chances of more bacteria on tongue.
7. Intestinal cleansing methods: It does not help as the bad breath does not originate from the stomach.

source: Bad Breath Cure & Home Remedy : Causes of Bad Breath

Self Test!!
1) Take a sample of the smell of your tongue by licking the inside of your wrist or the back of your hand. Wait for it to dry, then smell the licked area. If it smells bad you have bad breath

2) Stand in front of the mirror and stick your tongue out so far as possible. If you detect that the back of your tongue is whitish, it could be a sign that you have bad mouth odour.

If at all possible, one of the finest and most truthful methods to test whether you have bad mouth odor is to ask the opinion of someone close to you or whom you can have faith in. The truth might be ugly but the answer will certainly be an honest and therefor use one.

One fast strategy that dentists use to check for dragon breath that you may also try at home is to wipe the top surface of the tongue with a bit of cotton swab and then smelling the odour on the cotton. If the cotton swab also produce a yellowish stain after you wipe your tongue, it’s likely you have got a high concentration of unstable sulfuric compounds ( VSC ), an indication of protracted halitosis.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

** Great 2 Live **~ Her first blog Giveaway

Another Giveaway! Wow! Addicted now...try my luck & you too!
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3 pcs of Clarins HP whitening product!!!
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Chinese New Year is coming, so its time to slim & sexy!!
So Google and I found a slimming product call alot of testimonial, wow! eat as usual, no need to exercise (minor exercise is encourage) then can lose 2-5kg in 10days?? unbelievable right? So, finally i bought to have a try, hope it is work for me!

SIY made of freshest and finest 100% natural herbs and with NO SIDE EFFECT!!!

Herbs conformity and origin are verified by experienced Herbalist and Pharmacist. Apart from that, S.I.Y. is subject to strict quality control and confine under the CGMP regulation.

The results are inevitable, no matter if you have problems of excess weight, of water retention, of excessive size, of bloated belly or simply if we have a few pounds to lose.

S.I.Y. is approved by KMM and Halal Food Council S.E.A.

1. Why waste your hard earn money on products which do not give you any results?
2. Why sign up for expensive slimming courses which does not prove significant results?
3. Why want to starve yourself?
4. Why enroll yourself with hardcore exercise?
5. Why not give SIY a try?

Contains 6 active ingredients which promote weight lost and detoxification
* Citrus Aurantium
* Green Tea Polyphenol
* Caralluma Fimbrriata
* Dandelion
* Opuntia ficus-indica
* Neem Leaf Extract

1 box contains 20 bottles of juices
* 10 bottles for morning after your breakfast
* 10 bottle for night before sleep

MARKET PRICE: RM 198 (WM), RM208 (EM)~ 10days course

My Slimming history
1st day~ 12/1/2010
weight: 51kg (target 47kg)~horrible!
Bust: 84cm~horrible!
tummy area: 77.5cm ~horrible!
Waist area/ spare tyre: 82.3cm ~horrible!
Buttock: 91cm~horrible!
Arm: 29.5cm~horrible!
legs: 51.5cm~horrible!

3rd day~ 14/1/2010 8pm
weight: 50.5kg

4th day~ 15/1/2010 9am ~stop 1 day on 15/1/2010 cox not sleep well!
weight: 50kg (after 2 times go to toilet)

6th day~ 17/1/2010 9am~ sunday! argh!
weight: 50kg (after 2 times go to toilet, not less anymore, maybe stopped 1 day on 15/1/2010)

9th day~ 20/1/2010 8am
weight: 50kg (arrrrgh....stil the same???!!!!)

12th day~ stopped 1day course

13th day~ 24/1/2010 (finish the first box)
weight: 50kg *sigh*

14th & 15th day~ stopped 2days course
weight: 49.5kg~26/1/10 8.30am

16th days~ 27/1/2010 (start the 2nd box)

Wish me luck!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Introducing Estee Lauder Time Zone

Introducing Estee Lauder Time Zone

New for Eyes
In just 4 weeks, see a dramatic redcution in the look of lines and wrinkles and reclaim the smooth, radiant, fresh skin you want.

Estee Lauder exclusive skin-revitalizing technologies make visible age reversal a reality.

Come to the Estee Lauder Counter for your FREE Sample of New Time Zone Eye Creme and a complimentary skincare consultation. No purchase necessary.

Available at all Estee Lauder counters from 7 January 2010 onwards.