Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dehydrated Skin #3

Dehydrated skin is the one, which lacks of water in the body. The body needs water and it looks dull and pale in the insufficiency of it. If your water intake is not sufficient to the body first it starts appearing on the skin by showing the texture dull, lifeless, dry and pale, then the urinary system gets affected as the person might get a urinary infection.

So one should start consuming as much water as one can to hydrate the skin. When there is shortage of water in the body at times one might need medical help and glucose drips have to be filled in the body through the veins.

Causes of the dehydration in the body and the skin: there can be many other causes then just lack of drinking water in the body.
If you work makes you walk or stand in the sun for hours, then your body might lose the water. Sun can make the skin dry and lifeless by reducing the water from the body. That's why we need to drink more fluids in the summers because the sun is high.
Loose motions and vomiting both can reduce the water level from the body. If one is suffering from any of these problems then just drinking 8 glasses of water is not sufficient for the body because the water is losing in form of loose motions or vomiting. So it makes the skin pale and dry.
Not drinking sufficient water is the most common cause of dehydrated body and skin.Eating salty food makes the body hydrate as excess salt absorbs the natural water from the body and that's why the body looks bloated because of water retention and skin looks dull.

What can be done to cure the dehydrate body and skin: a little awareness can help in curing the dehydrated skin.
Drink lots of fluids to restore the damage of the body. Drink at least two liters of water and consume fruit juices to rejuvenate the skin. It will start making difference in the appearance of your skin in just 5 days. Skin will start regaining its lost complexion and texture by looking smooth and lustrous.
Drinking coconut water is very useful for dehydrate skin.
Cut off the intake of tea and coffee rather drinks lemon juice.
When going out in the sun, always drink 2 glasses of water and then move out.
Never go out in direct sun. Always carry an umbrella for protection.
When the skin is badly hydrated make a solution of sugar, salt, water and lime juice and drink it on and off to heal the dehydrate skin. Take 2 liters of water in a jug; add one spoon salt and one spoon sugar to it. Squeeze a lemon to this solution. Keep it in the freeze and drink it every hour. It will help the dehydrate to heal faster.
Do not eat much of fried salty food.
Always apply good moisturizers on your skin depending on your skin type and weather.


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