Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hydrating Mask~ Which do you prefer?

I having big problem of my skin recently..sensitive, redness, itchy, tight...until i fed up with it, bought a lot skincare product & try a lot skincare product, but on and off, the skin still cannot recover. So i had do a lot research and finally think of MASK..hyrating mask is the one i'm hunting i bought

1) Origins Plantidote™ Mega-Mushroom calming mask (free sample from counter)
2) Origins Drink up intensive overnight mask (free sample from counter)
3) Origins Drink up 10min mask
4) Ericson Laboratories HYDRA-INTENSIVE moisturizer mask
5) Clarins hydraquench cream mask

All above are against Dehyrated skin. The most impress me is the Origins Drink up intensive overnight mask! I used it continuous for 4nights..and guess what? I can felt the different on the first night i use. I felt my skin won't so tight, redness had reduce, itchy feeling also reduce! It's really great! Normally after i clean my skin, will feel very tight, after 4days of the overnight mask..I finally feel my skin on the way back to normal!

So Yesterday, the 5th night, I planned to try Clarins hydraquench cream mask for 15min & then apply Ericson Laboratories HYDRA-INTENSIVE moisturizer toner & Clinique comfort on call sensitive relief cream..and tonight(6th night) I used Origins Drink up 10min mask All i feel now is my skin was tight, a little bit itchy...i cannot open my mouth. It is tight!!!! Gotta quickly apply thick thick layer of moisturizer cream!!

See the difference??

So i strongly recommend Origins Drink up intensive overnight mask for those who had same problems like me. It can be used continuous (not only once or twice a week), can replace night cream/ moiturizer until your skin back to normal then just follow the instruction of use once or twice a week.

Thanks Origins!

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