Saturday, November 21, 2009

SkinCare & Cosmetic PriceList~ Ericson Laboratoire

Ericson Laboratoire

1) Hydrating System Moisturizing fluid (day)- RM280
2) Hydrating System Moisturizing mask-50ml- RM290, 20ml-RM116
3) Hydrating System Moisturizing cream (night)- RM320
4) Hydrating System Cleaner milk (250ml)- RM139
5) Hydrating System Toner (250ml)- RM139
6) Hydrating System Nutritive Cream (night) 20ml- RM128, 50ml- RM320

FREE 1 session Face Therapy worth RM380 or FREE 1 session Slim Booster Therapy worth RM480. 凭此优惠卷获取价值380令吉免费脸部护理或价值480令吉纤体护理. at LES PARIS PROFESSIONAL FACE & BODY in Selangor, Petaling Jaya, Section 13,JAYA 33,46100

My Review:
I had tried this free face session (1hr), it totally free with no condition, but they will ask you to sign any treatment that suit to ur skin type/problems..
After the treatment, i make up after bout came back home at late night, removed makeup, few my skin is really different--->pore minimize + redness had reduce, but after shower, omg back to same-red & itchy (maybe i used warm water)!!!
For my part, i dint sign any cox it is 4x from my budget for 1 session only (they encourage me to take 6times treatment...RM1300++ sure i wont sign..i will makan pasir if i sign it!)..but i bought the product package above as i had tried the moisturizing fluid (free sample), it really good for dry skin (compare from the thousand of products i had ever wait my package above reach my hand, i will try it..if anybody interested..can ask me (even i know not much)


  1. Hi,

    I can tell you, these product is worth buying and sign up if you have problem with skin.

  2. having tried a few different products from the Ericson range, I totally agree that it is worth spending the money. It is also long lasting.

  3. Any promotion now?i want to try facial