Friday, December 11, 2009

Lighten Your Lips#2~~ Lip Tattoo by kji&co

It is a semi permanent lip color and lip lightener in 1.
Guaranteed no pain, no swelling, no bleeding & no needles.
Detoxifies all accumulated toxins from the lip include lead, mercury and tar (nicotine from cigarette).
Lighten dark colored lips & colored pale looking lips.
It is safe to use for lips, cheeks, eye, groin, nipples and outer labia.
Safe for pregnant lady to use.
Active Ingredients: Dimethicone, Green Tea, Beetroot, Propolis, Vitamin C

Lip Tattoo 1 is long lasting - virtually impossible to smear when applied properly. It is made purely from vegetable dye and flower acid coupled with micro injected technology. Combine all these and you have a semi-permanent lip color that not only last longer but also helps treat lips discolorations. It creates the appearance of full lips by adhering to areas where lipsticks are not able to do so and also produce an enhanced lip line that does not bleed feather or rub off.

Its lasting power is 50% greater than normal lipsticks, which means that it will last through drinks or greasy meals. While this product gives you sheer baby pink lips, it also helps treats lip discolorations due to hormonal changes, smoking and too much lip staining products. Furthermore, it can also be used as an eye shadow and blusher for the cheeks. This product is mercury-and-lead-free.

Price: RM78.00


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